About Me

I am 28 years old, and live in Portland, Oregon. I am proud to have served four years in the United States Marine Corp as an infantryman. I am currently pursuing a career within aviation and I can now add pilot to my repertoire. Not only is flying a serious desire of mine but it is a great venue for my photography. My interest in becoming a commercial pilot is involving me in new studies. I have recently earned my pilots license and I am working towards my instrument rating. I am finding my photography and flying to be a great marriage as the two compliment each-other. There is so much to pursue with my photography as I become a better pilot. I don’t like to limit myself and I want to let these two pursuits to enhance each-other.


Designers Statement

As a Filmmaker I am interested in educating and impacting people with different points of view. My goal is to keep people keen and constantly thinking. I plan on using video and photography to implement my goal. . Through exploration and practice I will continue to learn so I can move forward as an artist within my medium. I have always wanted my passions to inspire my work. Being a Marine Infantry Veteran and an action sports videographer has helped inform my point of view, discipline and dedication to my craft. I have a strong interest in documentaries and fiction films that send a message. I am looking forward to seeing what is going to be revealed in my future and I hope you will be too.